Collect iQ is our proprietary analytics-based collections platform. It automates repetitive manual processes like allocations, shuffling of cases to speed up work and eliminates human error. Designed with easy to use UI, it enables team members to provide real time feedback and disposition of cases thus optimizing the collection process. It offers a vast spectrum of performance MIS & dashboard which can be standardized as per client requirements.

It can be integrated with clients backend systems for a more seamless data flow and enables us to provide real time dashboards to clients to view and monitor the entire collections effort.

Salient USP of Collect iQ

  • Works on both Desktop and Mobile.
  • Multi-Channel Communication (Call / SMS / E-mail).
  • No geographic limitation : Authorized users can log in the app from anywhere in the country and work in a data secure environment.

Desktop software

  • Dialer Integrated user interface.
  • Logic based calling queues.
  • Speeds up contacts and cuts down on idle time of callers.

Mobile App

  • Every FE equipped with the App (Google Play Store).
  • App captures attendance, tracks visits location real time.
  • Capture feedback instantly.
  • Continue working even without internet access.Data is uploaded when the app has internet access.

Key Points


Analytics engine works in the background to optimize allocation and case load.


System and app talk to each other on real time basis enabling a faster work flow.


Standard feedback options from the app ensure consistency of reporting.


The app has camera and scan function to enable FE to click photograph of cheques/ Receipts and upload as needed.


Frees up supervisor to focus on collections and quality of work.


System automatically generates relevant and actionable reports and MIS both at agency and client level.


Uploads reflect immediately on the central software server and can be viewed / checked by supervisor and corrections advised if necessary.